Our New Website & Registration

Our New Website

We have finally switched over to a new website and we hope you like it! All of the same good quality information from the old website can be found in almost the same place on the new website.

This new website design allows us the freedom to post blogs (like this post!), update a calendar with important dates, link to Facebook, share photos (a lot more photos too), and link to maps! We think it’s pretty neat and we hope you do too. If you have any feedback regarding the new website, please send us an email at campmoregon@gmail.com or contact us through the new and improved contact page. We have tried very hard to make our new website user friendly and compatible on multiple devices.

Our New Registration

We have more exciting news! This year we teamed up with CampDoc.com to put together a whole new registration system. “New” is funny word… By new we mean a clean userface, user friendly, and streamlined registration process. You will be familiar with almost all of the forms, don’t let the word “new” scare you.

This new registration process will eliminate most of the paperwork you have to sign during registration day and make the whole process easy! The only downfall to this wonderful system is that ALL campers and volunteers will have to fill out a brand new application. DON’T WORRY! Next year everything will be saved and it will be so quick you won’t even hesitate to hit that submit button!

Thank You!

As always, thank you for being you! Camp Millennium greatly appreciates every family we have the pleasure of meeting. We hope these changes will make your life easier and we thank you for hanging in there while we make the transition.

Camp Millennium

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